Athletic Room

Athletic Room

The room has 14 types of training equipment covering a total of 23 units to enable you to have a comprehensive muscle workout. The equipment includes a treadmill useful for enhancing cardiorespiratory functions, bicycle ergometer, bicycle with screen for improving your stamina while playing a game, and rowing equipment. A treadmill for wheelchairs is also available for physically disabled guests. Our staff will explain in detail the training method and how to use the equipment. Individually programmed menus can also be provided. Athletic Room

Opening hours

9:30 - 21:00
(Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: open until 17:00)

User fees

Single ticket \600 11-coupon tickets \6,000
Combined with pool Single ticket \1,000 11-coupon tickets \10,000
(Including the use of the jogging track and relaxation room)

* You are required to receive health evaluation (one of the following courses: short course, A course, B course or extensive course).
* This service is available for high school students and adults.

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