Health Promotion Class

The Aichi Health Plaza is offering "health promotion classes" to enable guests to improve their health using the well-equipped facilities under the instruction of our specialized staff. Our staff checks your daily routine and health condition comprehensively and prepares a program centering on exercise, nutrition, rest and dentistry based on the result of the health check. Find out the best way for improving your health to maintain healthy, cheerful life.

Information on each class

One-day Type

This is a health promotion introductory course to experience from health check to the practice method in one day.

-Wellness Class
-Lifestyle Disease Prevention Class

Stay Type

This is a two-day one-night health improvement lifestyle experience course. Participants both residing nearby and far away can refresh their body.

-Lifestyle Disease Prevention Class
-Relaxation Class 

Commuting Type

This course supports conversion to a healthy lifestyle. Tackle the health promotion challenge with a continuous program by taking time to improve your health condition.

-Diabetes Prevention Class
-Diabetes Prevention Class (Six months)
-Weight Control Class
-Back Pain and Osteoporosis Prevention Class
-Healthy Aging Club
-Health Aerobics Class
-Health Aquabics Class
-Easy Aquabics Class
-Aquabics Class for Elderly
-Hustle Muscle Club